Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Swiss man, a Dutch lady, 2 Danes, 5 Brits and a Nepalese walk into a classroom....

     It sounds like the start of a joke but this is my En Route class at All Nations Christian College. We have now been together for 5 weeks and are having a great time!

     We started out first weekend with a trip out and walk around a beautiful lake.

     We study together as a class everyday until 1pm then spend the afternoons and evenings reading, doing chores, completing assignments or socialising! We have 3 great chefs at college and I'm definitely putting on weight! My chores this term have been on the washing up team. There are 120 students-it's quite a task! Thankfully there is a machine involved! :)

    We also get to choose a practical course to follow that will be helpful when we are out on the mission field. This means I got a free haircut last week as my coursemate Anneke needed a model for her hairdressing class (thankfully she was a fast and accurate learner and did a good job). On Saturday I will do a course on car maintenance-it's a bit too far to call Dad out to help when I'm in Argentina!

    We are encouraged to visit different churches during our course and on Sunday we went to a Nepali church in London. It was strange to be in a service and not understand a word but we met some really lovely people, were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed a cup of tasty Nepali tea! Our coursemate Ram is from Nepal and he taught us a song to share with the church. They were very gracious in their compliments (It's amazing how a little effort can build bridges). Here's a snippet of rehearsals;

     At the beginning of October we also celebrated a great event as a family as Granny reached her 95th Birthday! She had a brilliant time surrounded by her family including my cousin flying in as a surprise from Australia. It was great to be there with my family and to see Granny's smiles.

    On a sadder note my brother and sister in law suffered another horrible miscarriage last week. Thankfully we have a fantastic health service and Zoe got to hospital in time for them to save her life but it is nonetheless heartbreaking. Please pray for them that they will know comfort and healing and that they will soon have a successful pregnancy.

     Thanks for reading, praying, keeping in touch and supporting me-it really does make a difference. Please use all the above information to keep praying-also let me know your requests!

      If you would like further information about becoming a supporter of this adventure to Argentina or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. My email is;

     Love Jo. xxx

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